IMPORTANT! Nominating Committee Survey

Hello all,

I am attaching the Nominating Committee Survey for 2010-2012, which is what the Spencerville Church Nominating Committee starts with when nominating leaders and assistants to serve in different ministries of the church.  Filling out a survey does not mean that you are agreeing to a certain ministry or position, it merely indicates to the nominating committee your interest in potentially serving. These positions are for two years.

As you can see from the survey, it encompasses every area of church ministry, including our Young Adult Sabbath School class.  If you are interested in being a leader (and I hope you are!) then this is a good place to start. There are also many other things that you can help out with.  If anything, this survey will give you an idea of what our church is doing in different areas of ministry as you can see everything laid out.

You can print out the survey and turn it in to the church office or the hospitality desk, or you can (probably, I haven’t asked but I’m pretty sure it’s ok) email it to Carol Strack at  She is the church secretary.

The survey is two pages, front and back.

I hope you all know that you are valued members of the church and that they are very glad to have young adults help out in different areas of ministry (you are not limited to only helping with our group).



Click here to access the Nominating Committee Survey

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One Comment on “IMPORTANT! Nominating Committee Survey”

  1. Jen Says:

    Oops, when I said “two pages, front and back” I meant one page front and back, which is two pages on the pdf.

    Hope that doesn’t confuse anyone!

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