June 11 Bible Study – The Canaanite Woman

Hello Everyone!

First off, as Jen mentioned on her previous post, she will be taking a short break from organizing Bible Study. Consequently, I have offered to “sub” for her until the end of August, and will be handing over the “baton” in September. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about Bible Study for the next three months,  feel free to contact me at your convenience and I will help/accommodate you to the best of my ability (my contact info will be provided at the end of this post). I will keep the same — Character Study/Mysteries of God and the Bible/Practical Christianity/Debate-Controversy — format Jen was using, and we will be having a “hang out” Friday on the 5th week of July. Just as before, addresses will not be posted on the blog for privacy purposes, but you can get them from me through E-mail/text/call. I will be happy to provide that for you, so do not hesitate to ask 🙂

Theme: Character Study

Topic: “The Canaanite Woman”

Where: Jen’s House

Time: 7pm.

On with this week’s topic, we will be taking a detailed look at “the Canaanite Woman”; or as Mark describes her, the “Syro-Phoenician woman”. Although her brief exchange with Jesus is recorded in two of the four Gospels (Matthew/Mark), not many details are provided in the Bible about this Gentile woman, not even her name. She went to Jesus with a great affliction, feeling desperate and undeserving. Despite the fact that her request seemed to be harshly rejected by our Savior, her wit and “great faith” earned her her heart’s desire. Through our collaborative study this Friday, I hope we can learn from this woman’s amazing character and continue to develop “faith like a seed of mustard” in our spiritual journey.

Material/links to consider for this study:

Matthew 15:21-29 ;  Mark 7:24-30 ; Bible Commentary ; Desired of Ages pgs. 399-403- CH 43 “Barriers Broken Down”

I REALLY look forward to seeing many of you, please make plans to come!

**Feel free to bring an appetizer or drink.

God Bless! =)


Cell: 240-498-9013 / E-mail: ceanra@gmail.com

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One Comment on “June 11 Bible Study – The Canaanite Woman”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Thanks for organizing, looking forward to be there!

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