July 2 Bible Study – Hagar: The Secondary Wife

**Theme: Character Study
**Topic: “Hagar: The Secondary Wife”
**Where: Paul’s
**Time: 7pm
(for address/directions call/email me: 240-498-9013 – ceanra@gmail.com )

Hello Everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well =) . Last week we had a wonderful study on how to deal better with those around us held at Melissa’s (thanks so much for hosting!!!). Ellen White wrote “You cannot exert an influence that will transform others until your own heart has been humbled and refined and made tender by the grace of Christ. When this change has been wrought in you, it will be as natural for you to live to bless others as it is for the rosebush to yield its fragrant bloom.” Thank God for the great words of advice He sent us through this amazing woman.

This week we are back to our Character Study theme, and we will be taking a look at the life of Hagar, the Egyptian maid. She became Abraham’s concubine as per Sarah’s request, being that she [Sarah] was unable to bear children. We will get more in-depth about her life and the life of her son Ishmael, as well as the impact that this [far from ideal] union had on their daily lives and future generations. Who was Hagar? Did she have a choice/was she a victim? How did Abraham/Sarah/Hagar’s actions affect Ishmael/Isaac? Was Hagar treated fairly? How did God react to all this? What impact do our choices, our options, our faith, and our raising have on who we are/will become? These are some of the questions to consider in preparation for this Friday’s discussion.

Suggested Reading:

Genesis 16; Genesis 21:1-21Patriarchs and Prophets “The Test of Faith” Ch 13;   Facts about Hagar and Egyptians [Consider the Source]; Wikipedia on Hagar [Consider the Source]

As always, feel free to bring an appetizer/drink/dessert to share. Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

God Bless!! =)

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14

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