July 23 Bible Study – Amalgamation [as per Mrs. White’s writings]

**Theme: Debate/Controversy
**Topic: Amalgamation [as per Mrs. White’s writings]
**Where: Melissa’s
**Time: 7pm
For address/directions contact me at ceanra@gmail.com or 240-498-9013

Hello Everyone!

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. As you [hopefully] know, Chris kindly invited us to his parent’s cabin in Poconos, PA last weekend, where we had an AMAZING time. Thank you Chris!!! It was great to hang out with friends in that setting, and to have a more relaxed worship service =)

This week our Bible Study theme is Debate/Controversy. I know that this theme can sometimes bring out the “passion” in us, so I’m hoping that we can keep the discussion on how/why the topic is controversial rather than trying to prove a side. Ambiguous subjects oftentimes can go either way– depending on how they are looked at– so it’s always better to give such topics an objective spin =)

Nonetheless, I was going through some Ellen White writings a few weeks ago, and came across the subject of amalgamation. I had heard that term before, but never realized the great controversy behind it (no pun intended =D ). This concept not only resulted in harsh criticisms of Ellen White and further arguments to disproof her teachings, but it also brought new claims implying that she was racist. Thus, please try to do a little research on your end and/or go over the “suggested reading” so you are familiar with what encompasses the topic of amalgamation. We will be considering but not limiting the discussion to questions such as: What is amalgamation? How does the Ellen White Estate interpret amalgamation? How do Ellen White critics interpret amalgamation? Do the claims made against her have any foundation? Did she actually hint at the fact that man and beast can interbreed? If not, what could she have meant? Did she really mean that interbreeding between man and beast resulted in the creation of “lesser races”? Based on the various definitions and/or interpretations of amalgamation [in E.G. White’s writings], can we speculate about certain practices of the antediluvians? As I mentioned, we will not attempt to draw arbitrary conclusions about this topic nor argue the validity of either side; we will rather take an objective look at all sides of the issue and acquire more information through the discussion of it :-]

Suggested Reading:  [For most of these links and other websites containing attacks on E.G.White, please consider the source. The SDA Church officially backs Mrs. White as having the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy]

Ellen White Estate’s Views; Critics’ Views I ; Critics’ Views IISpeculation on Antediluvian Practices; More Background on Amalgamation and the early SDA Church; Independent pro-E.G.White Take; Wikipedia’s Research [Scroll down to “racism” under the “Criticisms” and “Responses to Criticism”‘s link(s)

As always, feel free to bring an appetizer/dessert/drink to share. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!!

God Bless =)

“Know and believe the love that God has to us, and you are secure; that love is a fortress impregnable to all the delusions and assaults of Satan.” Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, p. 119

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One Comment on “July 23 Bible Study – Amalgamation [as per Mrs. White’s writings]”

  1. Jen Says:

    Great topic! Unfortch I will be away this weekend so can’t make it 😦

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