Friday Bible study fellowship on Sept 10, 2010 – Mysteries of the Bible

Theme: Mysteries of the Bible
Topic: The Philistines
Where: Chris’ Place
Time: 7pm

Have you ever wondered who were the Philistines?  Where did they come from? How did they acquire their military might?

This is the group of people that had Goliath, that killed Israelites’ first king (Saul), seduced Samson, captured the ark, and severed a nation into two.  No group before or after the Philistines terrified the Israelites as much.

How did they vanish?  How did they disappear w/o a trace?  Once a technologically advanced group, why is it that we have not found any writing from this group of people?

If you’ve ever wondered about these question, come join us this evening.

The Bible never mentioned the Philistines when they were not directly confronting the Israelites, so we don’t know much about them.  However, recent excavations at one of their five ancient cities has uncovered valuable information, since that is all we’ve found out about them beyond Biblical resources.

And at THIS Bible study, the findings of this excavation shall be revealed.

To help to get you started, please glance at the wikipedia article about the Philistines, and read the below scriptures if you get to it, if not don’t worry about it:

Exod 13;17; Judges 13:1, 16:4, 16:19; 1 Sam 4:1, 4:10, 6:1, 6:13, 7:10, 13:13, 13:19, 17:4, 17:42, 19:10, 27:1, 31:1; 2 Sam 5:17, 5:23, 31:1; Zeph 2:4

Feel free to bring something edible to share, for address please email


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