Service Opportunity

To all CYA-ers 25 and up:

The Spencerville Pathfinder Club needs drivers on October 30 and November 6 in the afternoon, to assist with Can Collecting. Here’s a brief rundown of what happens:

On October 30, we will meet at Spencerville Church around 1:30, and each driver will  be given a neighborhood or route that they take the kids to. The locations are all very near the church. You will drive a vehicle (extremely slowly) as the kids go door-to-door leaving bags with a note stapled on it describing our food drive. It is our preference to have at least 2 adults with each group of kids, one to drive the vehicle and 1 or more to walk around with the kids. The note simply states that we will return on November 6, and if they’d like to make a donation, that they leave the bag outside their door with the donated goods inside. The whole process is very non-intrusive, and the kids do most of the work. You are there to supervise and to make sure they are safe. After you have passed out as many bags as you can, you come back to the church (before sundown) and return the kids to the church.

On November 6, you will be given the same route and you will go back with the same kids (as far as possible) to pick up the bags. All in all it’s actually a fun activity, I had a lot of fun with it last year with the kids. We have a GREAT group of Pathfinders, so I think you will enjoy it. It is mostly a time commitment, I doubt it will take much gas or anything because the locations are close to the church and you’re just driving through a neighborhood at turtle speed.

Let me know as soon as possible if you’d be willing to help! Thanks!


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