GYC Conference (last weekend of this year) – early registration deadline is Oct 10th, 2010

Hi everybody,

This post is about Generation of Youth for Christ – the largest conference for young SDA that’s hosted annually across the US and attended by fellow Adventists from around the world (literally).

You’re probably wondering why am I posting about an event that’s still ‘far away’.  The reason is that if you register by 10/10 (< four days left), you’ll get a discount of $20, that’s a good meal right there 🙂

Another reason I’m bringing this to everybody’s attention is that this year they’re hosting the event at Baltimore, not California or somewhere in midwest.  It’s very close by that you can just come home to sleep rather than renting out a hotel room and sharing bed with others.

Yet another reason is that this is a youth and young adults oriented event that we won’t get many opportunities to attend in the future.  We’re fast approaching the end of the ‘young adults’ age zone.  In fact, if you’re over 35 there is a $100 ‘penalty’ to attend.

But the biggest reason that I recommend everybody to attend is that it’ll likely be an unforgettable event in the most positive way to you.  I attended during 2008 when it was hosted in San Jose, CA.  It was very rewarding to see many fellow SDAs and to commune, to fellowship, and to listen to seminars/sermons together.

I recommend the entire Thur – Sun event if you can get time off.  Please leave a comment if you plan to attend so we can coordinate carpools, thanks!


p.s., please pass the word around!

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2 Comments on “GYC Conference (last weekend of this year) – early registration deadline is Oct 10th, 2010”

  1. Y L Says:

    I would like to go. But it still depends on if I will go somewhere else to receive the new year or not.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Great, keep us updated 🙂 I bought the ticket already, so I’m set to go

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