October 23 – Pumpkin Patch

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that we are planning on going to Lawyers Moonlight Maze the evening of October 23 to do a corn maze and a pumpkin patch tour. Here’s the details:

We will leave after church on Sabbath and head up to Cunningham Falls State Park. It is about an hour away. We can eat lunch at the park, hike around, and enjoy the fall colors (what’s left of them). Around Sunset (6:18pm) we will head over to the Moonlight Maze, where I have reserved a bonfire for us at 6pm. We can roast hot dogs, drink hot apple cider and hot cocoa, and make s’mores. The bonfire is ours for the entire evening.

We can head into The Maze at any time before 10pm, the place closes when the last person is out of the maze (awesome!). We can also pick pumpkins (not sure about the cost of pumpkins). You can shoot pumpkins out of a cannon for 4 shots for $10 or 2 shots for $6.

It costs $5 a person to enter the maze, and the bonfire is $35 so we’d split that cost between whoever goes.

Please comment if you’re planning on coming! Should be AWESOME.



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2 Comments on “October 23 – Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Sounds great, I’m in

  2. Y L Says:

    Sounds interesting! Although I would need to read the entire website to to understand whats all this about 😦
    I would like to go 🙂

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