Friday Bible study on Jan 14th, 2011

Theme: Mysteries in the Bible
Topic: Abraham and his descendants
Moderator: Shawn
Host: Edward & Valeetah Motschiedler’s (in Columbia, MD)
Time: 1/14/2011, snacking at 7pm, studying at 7:30pm

About the address, I’ll send it out in an email momentarily, if I forget to include you in the email, please email me or leave a comment.

There will be no required readings for this week’s study, assuming that you already know the story of Abraham by heart 🙂 Otherwise please browse Genesis chapters 11 – 22. If you have more time, EGW’s writing in chapter 12 of Patriarchs and Prophets may help you to understand the materials as well.

The mysteries of Abraham and the stories related to him stem from discrepancies in interpretations from Islam and Christianity as well as archeological finds and the interpretations of which by historians. We will explore the story and what we know at this point to help us understand this part of the history better.

We will also have a guest over named Warren Woo, who knows many young adults groups in the region. He wants to see if folks in our group are interested to have a get-together with other SDA young adults, so he might talk about it briefly at the end of the study.

Feel free to bring snacks to the study 🙂

Stay warm and hope to see you this Friday,


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