Sleepover – Girls Only!

This Saturday night Jen will be hosting a girls-only sleepover at her apartment in Columbia. Dinner will be served buffet-style so bring whatever you would like to eat either for yourself or to share. You can feel free to make use of my kitchen if you’d like to prepare anything special. I will be making chicken pot pie (vegan! yum!) so that will be at least one entree. Lots of variety is encouraged, and so is leaving a comment with what you think you might bring 🙂

As far as activities, if you have something in mind, bring your ideas (and games, etc., if that’s what you want to do) and we can go with whatever the group decides. I played this really fun game recently called The Ungame that I think would be awesome with our group (it’s lots of discussion questions and getting-to-know-you type stuff).

For breakfast I will have waffles, Stripples, and scrambled eggs. Please bring fruit to share (and whatever else you’d like to eat for breakfast) and maybe some extra Stripples? I think I only have one full box.

Bring a sleeping bag or blankets as we will be spreading out around my apartment. I do have a pull out sofa and two twin-size mattresses but feel free to bring your own mattress or ground pad or something if that’s what you’d like.

I’m looking forward to some awesome bonding time! Feel free to invite new people as well, as long as they’re female! Email for address and directions.



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