Next weekend (April 15,16,17) or 16 and 17 if you can’t make it for all three days. We will be going to Little Crease Shelter. We will be getting there on Friday around 6:30 pm. It is about a mile or so up to the shelter. It takes about 45 min to one hour of walking with a pack to reach the shelter. It is a large, 3 sided shelter with bunk beds on both sides and large floor space for sleeping bags, however, depending on how many people come, some will need to sleep in tents, so those of you who have them, please bring them. This is a great begginers backpacking trip as we will not be hiking for long with packs and there is a shelter for those with no tents. On Sat. we will be taking a day hike to the top for those who wish and those who want to can stay back and chill at the shelter. For dirrections/info, please contact Michelle or send an email to . Also keep posted for the canoe trip that will be taking place on the 2nd weekend of May. If you are interested in the canoe trip please contact Michelle or send and email to above email and specify the trips you are interested in.

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One Comment on “backpacking”

  1. Sonia Says:


    This sounds very fun. But, aren’t we planning a potluck at Paul’s place with the RHI group, and also playing laser tag on April 16?

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