April 15th Bible Study – Happiness and the Benefits of a Christian Life

Place: Lerone/Sonia’s Apartment (for directions: ceanra@gmail.com)

Time: 7:30 pm

Have you ever felt that your ideal of a Christian life was weighing heavily on your shoulders? Have you ever focused so much on being perfect before God and others that your shortcomings brought you only guilt and despair? Have you ever been afraid to be happy?

For this week’s Bible Study, I want us to take a moment to reflect on the benefits of being a Christian. Often times, we focus so much on discovering our flaws and self-improvement, that we become discouraged by our shortcomings and blame ourselves for constantly “disappointing God”. This pattern of thinking is the type that Satan enjoys the most, because it distorts God’s plan for His children and keeps them from receiving the blessings He is so eager to bestow. For this study, we will be discussing some of the struggles we all face as Christians and try to see ourselves with the merciful eyes of God. We will reflect on how God’s plan for our lives is a blessing [and not a burden 😉 ] and how His Will has only one goal: to lead us to happiness here and now–not only in heaven.

Suggested Reading (consider the source)

3 Benefits of Being a Christian <— this is a really nice article that may enhance our discussion, but mainly I want to focus on our individual doubts and struggles, and provide practical insights for each other from our personal walk with God.

**As always, feel free to bring an appetizer/dessert to share. See you guys on Friday!

God Bless =)


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