Tennis on Sunday May 22nd (updated)

Hello everyone,

I think last time we played was during Sept of last year, wow it’s been a while … anyway weather forecast shows a high in the 80s and low in the 60s and Most Sunny for Sunday, so come out to get your Vitamin D and build some strong bones!

Activity: Tennis

Date:  May 22, 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 11AM picnic/snack, start playing around noon. You can come for the picnic or just join in later. I imagine we’ll stay there for a few hours at least.

What we need: racquet (I will bring 4+), tennis balls (I will bring 10+)

Location: lots of places around Maryland to choose from.  Dogwood Park in Rockville is a great place because it’s nestled away from streets and noise and has three very good courts. This is where we played last time. It’s also a good midpoint for people coming from different directions 🙂 But if you have other ideas please do leave a comment.

One of the best videos that I found that demonstrates the proper forehand movement, watch it here

For picnic I’ll bring cheese, bread, and some juice.

Oh I’ll also take a soccer ball w/ me if some of you are so inclined ….


UPDATE => The weather forecast now says “isolated t-storms”, I’m still up for it because I’m feeling optimistic that it won’t rain much, but I need to know who’s interested so I don’t show up to just myself 🙂 If you are please leave a comment. Depends on how many are interested we might continue/cancel this event, will update again on Sat afternoon.

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