May 20th Friday evening Bible study (updated)

Moderator: Patrick (from Rockville SDA)
Theme: Practical Christianity
Updated => Topic: Riches and Abundance of Life
When: 7pm light food, 7:30pm study
Where:  Shawn’s place in Germantown

Bible study description: Are we supposed to be rich? Can one possess the riches of the world, and still follow Christ wholeheartedly? What does the Bible say about the pursuit of riches? Join us Friday evening for this discussion.

Hello everyone, I’ll be hosting the study this time around in my new place in Germantown. I know that some of you know my address already but most probably don’t. If you don’t feel free to drop me a txt or email and I’ll get back to you. Generally speaking you can travel here in three ways – I-270, local, ICC+I-270. Parking is free as long as the spot is unmarked.

I’ll prepare some light food such as cheese, bread, scallion pancakes, make-your-own smoothies, etc. Feel free to bring more things for our hors d’œuvre 🙂

I do have one cat so if you’re allergic to cat let me know and I can lock her up somewhere.

Watch this space for more info about topic and recommended readings, hope to see you soon!


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