Sabbath School, 28 May 2011

“Brands were originally used by hunters and cattle herders as unique marks created to signify source or ownership. Their role was purely to differentiate one thing from another. The brand made a simple statement: ‘This one is mine, that one is yours.’ With the rise of medieval guilds, these distinguishing ownership marks took on an additional role… As with artists’ signatures, family crests, and heraldic emblems, distinguishing brand marks were used to communicate more than mere ownership. They were employed to convey important messages, some of which had to do with the status or position of the possessor. ‘Let no one doubt who I am.'” –Married to the Brand, author William J. McEwen

This week we will learn more of what it means to be “a brand plucked from the fire.”

We hope to see you all there!

Lesson Link: EAQ211_09

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