Bible Study September 16, 2011

Fast Facts
What: Bible Study
Discussion Topic: Revivals
When: 16 September 2011, 7-9pm
Where:  Melissa’s NEW apartment (email for the address)
Note: Feel free to bring snacks!

One of the most anticipated events at my high school was Junior/Senior Bible Camp.  It brought hundreds of young people from our Southern California Adventist schools together at the local campground to socialize, relax, and revive our relationship with God.  I can still remember walking into one of the evening praise sessions—dimmed overhead lights, different colored accents lights, electric guitars, drums, entirely way too many ecstatic people crammed into one room, and music so loud you couldn’t hear yourself scream to the person next to you (hey, this was Southern California).  It reminded me of a Christian rock concert and everyone was on a revival high.

However, in the following weeks, one of my closest friends started complaining that she felt empty inside; that the feelings and passion for God that she had at the Bible Camp were gone and she was lost and confused.  Her experience seemed to be succinctly summed up by Ellen White’s comments on modern revivals in The Great Controversy, which we were reading for Bible class at the time: “The light which flames up for a time soon dies out, leaving the darkness more dense than before” (pg. 463).

These images have stuck with me and I often wonder, what makes a good revival?  How can we walk away from conferences, camp meetings, rallies, or even Bible studies with an actual change in our lives rather than just a warm, fuzzy feeling?

These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring this Friday night.  We hope you’re able to join us!


Supplemental material:
–The Great Controversy: Modern Revivals, Chapter 27
–The Great Controversy: Modern Revivals Study Guide: Bible Study.2011 Oct 16.GC.CHAPTER 27 (from )

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One Comment on “Bible Study September 16, 2011”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Great topic, looking forward to discussing it!

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