Game Night – November 26

Hello everyone!! So Ryan just texted me and asked if there was anything going on this weekend, and I couldn’t think of anything besides the planning meeting….till I checked the calendar and remembered I’m hosting a game night yay! Thanks to Melissa for keeping the calendar updated 🙂

Anyway, the game night will start after our planning meeting and after Sabbath ends. We could order pizza and/or I could make food…I love cooking…  Haven’t thought of what yet, but leave a comment if you have any requests!

I have Mexican Train but after the last game I played of it….I could use a longer break from it 🙂 Unless everyone is clamoring to play! hahahaha (not likely). I have some other games but feel free to bring some as well! We can make it a game night sleepover if you want, since I missed the one at Shawn’s 😦 My place is smaller than Shawn’s though, so we might have to make some adjustments. But the more, the merrier!

Also apparently my brother is out buying a huge TV from Best Buy as part of the Black Friday sales, so we could watch a movie too if requested. Or, you know, my new favorite show? Big Bang Theory?

Lots of organizing is on the agenda for tomorrow so we should have plenty of room for people and games this Saturday night. I’m excited!!!!!!! Hope to see you all on Saturday and bring some snacks!

Jen B

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