What is love? (Bible Study-Friday, Dec. 9)

Where and when: Julia’s place, around 7:30 PM (If you need the address please write to me or write Shawn, or post a comment here in the blog, or send an email to spencervillecya@gmail.com [I guess somebody will answer that too])
Moderator: Y o s k a l y

We are told to love our neighbors as ourselves, and even our enemies. In fact, Jesus said that all the Law, meaning all God’s will for man, can be fulfilled if we love God and our neighbor, making of this the essence of his message.

Theologians and philosophers say that there are different kinds of love, as the Greek had different words for “love”: Eros, Philia, and Agape.  Poets and singers never stop using this word in their songs. Everybody uses the “I love you” frequently…

But, what is love? Why it is still lacking in society? In church? What can we do to get to be able to really “love”? Why is that so important?

If you are around this weekend, come to the bible study because we will be discussing the most important subject in the entire Bible!!!

Feel free to bring snacks

God bless you

Y o s k a l y

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