March 16-Bible Study

Topic: Healing the Mind-Video Presentation

Where: Joanna’s

Time: 7:00pm (snacks) 7:30 (study/video presentation)

Hello Everyone,

This Friday we will watch “Healing the Mind” by Dr. TIm Jennings. Over the course of 6 parts, this presentation will discuss the mind, how it was designed to work, how much sin damaged it, how God’s methods heal the mind and much, much more. 

Let’s do our best to come on time (7:30), but the latest we’ll start the video is 7:45pm. 🙂

For a little more information about Tim Jennings, please visit the website Come & Reason. 

Also, please consider the following verses for this week’s study: Romans 8:5-7, Isaiah 26:3, Romans 12:2.  We may look at over verses depending on time.

Snacks are always welcome as are new faces. I look forward to seeing everyone!  For the address, please email me at 🙂



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