The Question of God: Sigmund Freud & C.S. Lewis, Part III of IV – Bible Study, May 11

Time: 7:30pm (We will begin promptly with hopes to end by 9pm so we can get you out of here and back home at a decent hour!)
Where: The abode of Murray and Lerone; Essex, MD
Moderator: Lerone

On Friday, it will be exactly 6 months to the date that we concluded Part II of our Freud/Lewis series.  This week we will continue viewing and discussing the material.  During our last session, we explored the role that family played in the lives of these two great individuals.  We also saw how other mentors in their lives helped to shape the worldview of each man.

Please join us Friday night as we examine each man’s viewpoint on miracles.  We will also touch a little on the four loves, particularly philia-love between friends. (Btw, Philadelphia–City of Brotherly Love; Philia-brotherly love… sorry had to share if no one else made the connection.  Thanks, Murray!!)  

Soooo… I know we live kinda far… location is in Essex, MD, which is a little north east of the Baltimore tunnel/toll.  Please contact me via facebook (Lerone Allen) for more details on address.  We’ll have food, so all you have to worry about is getting here!

See you Friday!


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