October 20 – Pumpkin Patch

Hi friends! I’m excited to tell you about my favorite activity of the year – our annual excursion to Lawyer’s Moonlight Maze in Thurmont, MD.

Last year we got snowed out 😦 I really hope that doesn’t happen this year! When we went two years ago it was sooo fun. 

Here is the link to the site:


Here’s the plan:

On October 20 we will leave from the church at 4pm and plan to arrive at Cunningham Falls State Park at 5pm. We’ll do the short hike to the falls and then head over to the pumpkin patch around 6:15. It’s about a 10 minute drive from the park to the maze. 

I have reserved a bonfire at 6:30 (sunset is at 6:30). We will have a small worship and then roast hot dogs (everything will be provided) and hang out for a while. Then around 7:30 we will start the maze. If you don’t want to do the maze and just want to hang out at the bonfire that’s totally fine. The maze takes about an hour and a half to complete, but we don’t have to do the whole thing. 

According to their website, “The 2012 maze is 8.6 miles of trails covering 42 acres. Within the maze there are 18 checkpoints to find and punch on your map. We will give you a map to navigate the four separate mazes. Complete all four mazes to find all 18 checkpoints!”

Just to clarify, the maze is only 8.6 miles if you get lost a hundred times and walk the whole thing, even the wrong roads. I am a fan of their site on facebook and each weekend I have seen a picture of the group that completes the entire maze, they’ve all done it in about an hour and a half.

So let’s plan to be out of the maze no later than 9 (you can finish whenever you want) and head back to the bonfire where we’ll roast some marshmallows and enjoy s’mores and some sparkling cider. We’ll head out after that. 


$6 for admission CASH ONLY. Please bring cash to pay when you arrive. The site says $7 but since we’re reserving a bonfire it’s only $6. You pay this to the site, not to me.

$5 for bonfire & food – YOU MUST RSVP  if you want to have food. That way I can make sure to buy enough 🙂 The $5 isn’t just for food, it’s also to cover the cost of reserving the bonfire. I’ll have an envelope of some sort where you can leave the money.


They also have some other activities, pumpkin cannon etc. for an extra cost. When we were there before they also had popcorn etc. for sale so if you think you might want to buy something then bring extra cash. 


YAY!!! I hope you’re as excited as I am!!! 

PLEASE RSVP by leaving a comment to let me know if you’re attending and whether you want me to include you in the food count.








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8 Comments on “October 20 – Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Monica Says:

    Hi Jen, thanks for organizing this 🙂 I will be there and please include me in the food count… thanks!

  2. Shawn Says:

    I’m always up for fresh air, put me down for bonfire & food also 🙂 Thanks for organizing Jen

  3. Rumira Says:

    I’m up for the pumpkin patch!

  4. Me and Tommy are coming too!! and include us on the food! sorry for the late reply

  5. Jane Lee Says:

    Id love to join also! I’m also reserving for my friend rini if thats possible for event and food. Thanks!

  6. If RSVPs are still being taken, myself and Warren would like to join. 🙂

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