Reminder: Hike at Billy Goat Trail, Section A this Saturday (27 Oct)

Good afternoon!  I hope you’re all going to join us for the hike at Billy Goat Trail on Saturday (27 October).  It’s a BEAUTIFUL hike along the river and it’s a ton of fun! 😀

Just a couple reminders:
1)  Pack a good lunch and include water. 

2)  Dress for the weather.  I know we’ll be hiking, but right now the forecast is calling for a high of 70 and mostly cloudy, which means it may get cool, especially when we stop to eat lunch.  A windbreaker or light jacket might be nice, depending on how you handle that kind of weather.

3)  WEAR SHOES WITH SOME SORT OF TREAD.  This is very important as it’s called Billy Goat Trail for a reason.  You will be walking on boulders that are about 5 feet off the ground with 2 feet distances between them, AND you will be climbing a rock face that has about a 45 degree angle.  While you may not have hiking boots, tennis shoes that have some sort of grip should work. 

4)  Carpool if at all possible.  To get into the parking lot where BTG, Section A is, you will have to pay $5 per car.  If you are interested in carpooling, please contact me (Melissa) or .  If you are willing to drive, please specify that too.  [Note: BGT, Section A is on the Maryland side of Great Falls.  If you do drive separate from the group, here is the website for Great Falls National Park, MD (including directions): ].

Any questions or comments, feel free to email me. 


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One Comment on “Reminder: Hike at Billy Goat Trail, Section A this Saturday (27 Oct)”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Yea i remember this one cliff that i had difficulty getting down last January w/ all the snow, having shoes w/ good grip would help a lot.

    The entrance with the $5 fee per car is the Visitors Center entrance, so I assume you’re planning a loop from the Visitors Center and back?


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