March 1 Bible Study – SSOM with Dr. Gallagher

Hello Everyone!

Our Bible Study group will join Dr. Gallagher’s Sabbath School on the move group this week, to discuss Lessons 8 & 9 of next quarter’s Sabbath School lesson entitled Minor Prophets. The topic for Lesson 8 is  “Trusting God’s Goodness” and it’s based on Habakkuk; the topic for Lesson 9 is “The Day of the Lord” and it’s based on Zephaniah.

Dr. Gallagher has put together a guide for these lessons which you can access here: Mprophets8-9

You can email Rob at for address and directions. There will be light refreshments starting at 6PM, and the study will begin at 7:30PM. Please note that audio of the discussion will be recorded and posted on the website for Sabbath School on the Move as a resource for Sabbath School teachers around the world.

Hope to see many of you there! 🙂


*This Sabbath (March 2nd) our Young Adult group is in charge of our church’s potluck. If you’re in the area and willing, please plan to join us as we serve our church through this ministry. We need lots of helping hands to set up, serve and decorate the fellowship room. Our theme is Irish-American Heritage, so you’re more than welcome to wear something green! 😉

*Also this Sabbath, Arise Young Adults is hosting a Game Night at our very own Spencerville church! The fun begins at 7PM and will take place in the fellowship room. You will be able to meet (or meet again) young adults from the Chesapeake Conference area while playing table games and spending a nice evening together. If you’re able to, please bring a light refreshment to share. For more info contact Jen Blondo at


Cecilia 🙂

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