March 8th Bible Study – Interesting Happenings after Jesus’ Resurection

Hello Everyone!

I hope it’s been a good week for all of you so far 🙂

For this week’s bible study we will focus on “Mysteries of God and the Bible” and the topic I’ve chosen has to do with peculiar events that happened after Jesus resurrected from the dead and ascended to heaven. Granted that Jesus’ resurrection in itself is a mystery (in the sense that us humans don’t have that capability) there are a lot of other things that happened that are worth exploring.

We will base our study on the four Gospels and if you have time, try to read ahead the chapters that deal with Jesus’ resurrection: Matthew 28 ; Mark 16 ; Luke 24 ; John 20 & 21. As you read these passages, pay close attention to the characters, interactions/conversations, events, and any other thing that catches your eye. The goal is to put together the pieces of information we get from the four accounts to gain a general idea of what happened during those days, as well as look at some isolated things that are….well, “mysterious” in nature 😉  These are some great chapters with great spiritual lessons, and I hope that through their study we may gain new insights to enhance our spiritual lives.

The study will take place at Rob’s parents’ home and you can email him at for directions.  You can arrive at 7:15pm for refreshments and socializing, and the discussion will begin at around 7:45pm. As always– snacks, desserts and/or drinks to share are always very welcome! 🙂

PS: Shawn will bring some pictures he took during his recent trip to Georgia (to visit our friend Yoskaly!) for viewing after the study. If you’re interested in checking those out, make plans to stay a little longer 😉




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