Bible study May 17 at Rob’s – A Relationship with God

Hello everyone, Bible study this Friday night will be at my parents’ place in Silver Spring. Please email me at for the address. Refreshments at 7PM, and discussion at 7:30PM. Please feel free to bring an appetizer or drink to share.

Micah 6:8 is said to sum up the Christian life. “Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” I think I understand the first two elements (although I’m sure we could discuss those quite extensively), but what does the third one mean? Why does God require us to “walk” with Him, and what does that entail? We make so much about having a relationship with God, but how exactly do we achieve it? How can we have a relationship with someone who isn’t right there in front of us? I hope this doesn’t sound too basic for you folks…but I do think that sometimes it can be beneficial to go back to the basics. I’d love to hear all of your perspectives on this question.

Hope to see you Friday!


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One Comment on “Bible study May 17 at Rob’s – A Relationship with God”

  1. Rumira Says:

    Sounds like a good study, sadly I will have to miss it and SS tomorrow. Going to Frederick for the weekend.

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