Bible Study – August 16 Fools for God?

Hello Everyone,
-Bible study this week will be held at Chris’ and it will start at 7:30pm. Please email Rob at r.e.fuller(at)gmail(dot)com for directions. The theme will be “Bible Story/Passage” and it will be based on the life of Stephen.-
Earlier in the week I was reading an article titled: “Religious people are less intelligent than atheists”. It was based on a study by Miron Zuckerman that intended to measure the relationship between “religiosity” and intelligence. One of the points Zuckerman makes in his research, is that religious people tend to have more basic  “needs” (financial, emotional, etc) than non-religious types (namely atheists). For this reason, they tend to cling more to God and religious explanations. This got me thinking: is my belief in God based on a need, or is there a higher purpose? Also, are atheists really more intelligent than believers?
For this week’s study, we will be looking at the life of Stephen. If measured by certain standards, Stephen was a big fool…to the point of giving up his life for his beliefs. Through this story and our own experience as believers, we will be looking at questions like the ones stated above, and evaluating other aspects of why we believe in God.
In preparation for this study, please read Acts 6:8-15, Acts 7 and the above mentioned article HERE 
Feel free to to bring an appetizer  and/or drink to share.  See you Friday! 🙂


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