Bible study Dec. 13 – Bible translations

Hello, everyone…I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season!
Shawn will be moderating our discussion this Friday night at Karuna’s place.  Thanks for hosting us, Karuna!  Please email me at r.e.fuller[at]gmail[dot]com for the address.  We’ll do snacks and drinks at 7 PM and start the discussion at 7:30.  As usual, please feel free to bring an appetizer or drink to share.
Here is a message from Shawn about the topic:
“When it comes to translations among different languages, much meaning, context, and cultural peculiarities can be lost easily. I used to cringe when watching Japanese anime with English translations, and I’d feel the pain again when watching American sitcoms in China with Chinese subtitles.
The Bible is not immune to this ‘lost in translation’ effect, unfortunately. This Friday we’ll examine some of the mundane, humorous, and even bizarre translation differences among various Bible translations. We’ll also explore the political time and space behind the translations, if you’ve ever wondered why some translations are deemed more ‘evangelistic’ than the others. Through it all, we’ll consider how the differences in translations impact our spiritual understandings.”
Hope to see you there!
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