Questions for July 11 Study

Hello, everyone,

I feel in my heart that I should hand out some questions so you can glance at them and make the study more enjoyable. Sorry it’s late but hope you still get a blessing.



Bible Study Questions

1. What is prayer?

2. Why pray? What do we pray for? What “should” we pray for?

3. When should we pray?

4. A friend asks you “If God knows everything why do you still need to pray?” What do you reply?

5. Can we have a spiritual life without prayer?

6. What example did Jesus give us on earth concerning prayer?

7. Imagine I pray for something and it is answered. Can I be 100% sure it was God who answered the prayer?

8. God hears every prayer; therefore is it necessary to repeat the same “prayer” over and over?

9. You have a friend with a terrible disease. How do you pray for him? What do you think God wants to hear?

10. A friend has been praying for something, but the prayer remains unanswered. He/she comes to you for advice, what do you tell him/her?

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