Bible study Aug. 15 at Bani’s – Relying on God

Hey all, our Bible study will be at Bani’s place this Friday night at 7:30PM. Please email me at r.e.fuller[at]gmail[dot]com for the address. Feel free to bring an appetizer or drink to share.

Jen will be our moderator this week. Here’s her description of the topic:

“God works on our hearts in different ways. He teaches us ‘lessons’ in His own time that are unique for each person. Currently, God is working on my heart to help me to rely on Him A LOT more than I have been recently. While God might not be working on this particular thing with you right now, I think it could be beneficial to study this topic of relying on God. Two weeks ago, Martha talked about Caleb and touched on a few things about trusting in God and relying on God. I want to expand on this and share some personal stories about how God has been working with me, and generate some discussion about the topic. If you want to do any pre-reading, you can read Psalm 145 and the story of the Prodigal Son.”

I hope to see you all this Friday!


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