Bible Study – Friday, October 17

Hi Everyone,

Bible study this Friday will be held at Jackie’s and it will start at 7:30pm (for address, please email me at As per usual, feel free to bring a snack or dessert to share 🙂

Our moderator this week will be Jamie, and she will be exploring the theme: “The Character of God as Reflected in Women”. Here is an intro to what she has prepared:

 “God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son are understood as masculine with regard to the how they are presented to us as limited humans. God tends to reach down and speak to us in our own language in terms we can understand. However the third person of the divine Trinity is much more mysterious. I recently learned that the Holy Spirit is referred to in the Old Testament with a feminine noun and with a neuter noun in the New Testament. This piqued my curiosity.  After all, we are made in the image of God and are to reflect His character. When God created man, He said that it was not good for man to be alone, and so He chose to create a female helpmate for Adam. Marriage as I understand it, is to reflect the unity in purpose and loving relationship of the trinity. Now, as we are both male and female, it makes sense for the Trinity relationship to also involve feminine aspects.

I desire to explore this topic in a positive light, and not get derailed by the oppressive sins of the past that have been committed against women. Nor do I want to condemn or exclude our brothers in Christ. Rather, I desire that we seek to understand our shared identities better with regard to how each of us reflect God’s character, male or female, and how a better understanding of this relationship can help us grow to love God more. I also want to stick to what evidence the Bible provides. We know we have a Father in Heaven, but do we also have a Heavenly Mother?”

Hope you can make it! 🙂


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