No Bible study until Feb. 13

Hello all,

We are going to be changing formats soon with our Friday night activity, starting on February 13.  We will do two Vespers/studies per month, each held in the Fellowship Hall at Spencerville church.  The programs will be geared toward the 18-38 age range, but will be skewed toward the younger end of that spectrum.  We see this as a great ministry opportunity for those on the older end of the spectrum–a chance for them to give back and build their leadership and mentoring skills.  Food will be graciously provided by the leaders of Spencerville’s Collegiate Sabbath school class.

We’re still finalizing this, but the programs will typically feature a song service, some sort of interactive or icebreaker activity, like a game, skit, or similar, and then a sermonette or presentation by a speaker.

We’d love to have your help putting these programs together.  If any of you is excited by this and wants to help, please let us know!  Your efforts and willingness will be greatly appreciated!

The program dates for February and March are as follows: Feb. 13, Feb. 27, Mar. 13, Mar. 27


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