Sabbath, September 26 – Hike/Outdoor Church

Hi Everyone,

In case you haven’t heard, we will be doing a hike/outdoor church this Sabbath! 🙂 Here is the info:

We’re planning to have a day hike and “outdoor church” on Sabbath, September 26 at Black Rock, Mt. Aetna. Carla and Jamaal have suggested the activity and have graciously offered to plan the food and hike part (food details below).

The plan is as follows:
Meet at Spencerville church at 8:30 am—> drive to Mt. Aetna —> hike up Black Rock —> have worship —> lunch —-> hang out/hike down/etc.
Note: If you’re planning to meet us at Mt. Aetna, please let me know so that we can figure out a meeting place.
In terms of food, as I mentioned earlier, Carla and Jamaal have offered to prepare and bring food for everyone so that you don’t have to worry about bringing lunch (you will have to carry your lunch up the mountain, though, so be sure to bring a small backpack). You can also bring your own lunch, if you prefer.
If you would like to take advantage of the group lunch, please email me at so that I can let Carla know.
Carla says: We do ask that everyone contribute $5 toward lunch a person. Lunch will include 2 sandwiches (choice of either veggie chicken salad or veggie hot dog salad or one of each let us know your choice!) a small snack and desert. Please rsvp with your choice of sandwich so we know how many to make by Wednesday, September 23!”
Here is also a list that Carla put together of suggested items to bring for the hike:
“Very light rain poncho, or sweatshirt /jacket; band aids or duck tape (blisters and wounds); water bottle or camel pack; plastic shopping bag rolled up (take your trash out), hand sanitizer and some baby wipes in ziplock bag; 2nd pair of socks if you are worried about blisters; walking stick or sticks available at target and Walmart or make your own:); small flashlight in case of emergency; a light blanket or towel to sit on; camera for memories to share!; and any snacks you may want.

You can bring headphones and MP3s if you want, but but then you won’t be able to hear the group. Wear layers to take off or put on as needed, and closed toed shoes with good grip.”

I hope you guys make plans to join us! Feel free to invite anyone you want! 🙂

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