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April 4 – Potluck and Sabbath School Change

April 2, 2015

Hello all, I just have two quick things to tell you:


The Young Adult group will be coordinating potluck this Sabbath, and we need volunteers to help out!  You can drop in anywhere between 11:00am – 1:00pm and help with anything you would like. The more people we can get the better so don’t hesitate to come, even if just for a few minutes!  If you have the time and ability, it would be wonderful if you could bring a dish for potluck as well, since every little bit helps.  Feel free to email me at r.e.fuller[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions.

Sabbath School

This week’s Sabbath school will be a general lesson study in the Sanctuary, led by John Fowler, author of this quarter’s lesson entitled The Gospel of Luke.  We will not meet in the Fellowship Hall.  I encourage you all to attend the general session since this is a rare opportunity to be led by the actual lesson author.  How many other churches enjoy that privilege?

See you this Sabbath!



Sabbath School Location Change – Aug. 30

August 27, 2014

Hello all,

a special program is taking place this Sabbath at Spencerville, so our normal meeting place in the Fellowship Hall (fireplace side) will be occupied.  The good news is we’ve been invited to join with one of the classes that meets in the South Porch (the room on the left side of the sanctuary when facing the pulpit).  The South Porch is divided up into three sections, and our class will be in the section closest to the pulpit.  Richardson will moderate the discussion.

This is a great chance to get to know some folks that you probably haven’t met before.  Should be fun!


Bible Study June 27 at the Gallaghers’

June 25, 2014

Hey everyone, this Friday night we’ll be making a recording (audio only) for “Sabbath School on the Move” with Dr. Gallagher. The recording will be posted on the internet as a helpful tool for people around the world. More info about SSOTM can be found here. Please email me at r.e.fuller[at]gmail[dot]com for the Gallaghers’ address. We’ll do snacks and drinks at 7PM, and start the discussion at 7:30PM. Please feel free to bring an appetizer or drink to share.

We will be discussing lessons 3 (“Enduring Temptation”) and 4 (“Being and Doing”) of the quarterly for 4th quarter 2014, entitled The Book of James.

Dr. Gallagher’s lesson notes can be found here:

Lesson 3 – Enduring Temptation
Lesson 4 – Being and Doing

Hope to see you there!


No Bible Study or Sabbath School – Camp Meeting Weekend

June 19, 2014

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that we won’t have Bible study this Friday night, nor will we be having Sabbath school.

I encourage all of you to attend the Chesapeake Conference Camp Meeting this weekend at Highland View Academy in Hagerstown.  Arise has a bunch of activities going on for Young Adults, so check it out!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Additional Links:

General Camp Meeting Information

Young Adult activities information (scroll to the very bottom)

Alert – Sabbath School May 17

May 17, 2014

Hey everyone, please pardon the fact that this note is not particularly timely!

Today, Sabbath May 17 is Alumni Sabbath at Spencerville Church.  There will be a Spencerville Academy Alumni Sabbath school in the Fellowship Hall where our young adult class normally meets.  If you’re not a Spencerville Academy alum, you can attend the “general session” Sabbath school in the sanctuary of the church.  Or, if you are a Spencerville alum, feel free to attend the alumni Sabbath school class in the Fellowship Hall.

Happy Sabbath!


No Bible study this week

December 5, 2012

Hello everyone, there will be no Bible study this Friday night due to the Retreat taking place this weekend (contact Cecilia at if you want to go!).

If you folks are looking for something to do Friday night, I’d encourage you to attend Sabbath School on the Move at the Gallaghers’.  They’ll be producing an audio recording of the discussion on lessons 11 and 12 of next quarter’s series on Origins.  They do soup at rolls at 6 PM, and start the discussion at 7 PM.  Please contact me at for the address.

You can find the discussion notes here: Origins11-12

Have a wonderful weekend!


Bible Study Nov. 2 at the Gallagher’s

October 31, 2012

Hello everyone, this Friday we’ll be joining in with Dr. Gallagher’s discussion group and taking a look at Lessons 5 and 6 of the Sabbath School quarterly for the first quarter of 2013 entitled Origins.  The two topics are Creation and Morality, and Creation and the Fall.  Please arrive at 6:00 PM for soup and rolls, and the study will begin by 7 PM.  Email me (Rob) at for the address or directions.

Please note that audio of the discussion will be recorded, and posted on the website for Sabbath School on the Move, as a helpful resource for folks all around the world.

Hope to see you all there!

One more thing: Starting next time (Nov. 9) we’ll be designating a different theme for each Bible study.  This will help keep our discussion topics fresh, and make it easier for moderators to select a subject for each week.  For the next few months, the themes will be Character Study, Practical Christianity, Mysteries of God and the Bible, and Controversial Subjects (note that on Nov. 16th and 23rd, Melissa will be moderating a special series which was planned in advance, therefore the themes will not apply those weeks).